Varnishing Glass

Bright colorful prospects

More than 50 years of experience in surface finishing for furniture enables us to offer color varnishes of the highest quality for glass! We produce durable coatings of the highest quality for glass surfaces in all popular color systems as well as in almost all color shades. Furthermore, we provide multicolor varnishing on engraved glass surfaces for decorative and innovative use.

Color systems like RAL, Pantone, NCS, Sikkens, STO, Adler etc. can be applied considering the features of the color pigments. Our advantage lies in our price-performance ratio for small-scale production, and we are flexible and fast.

  • RAL - an extensive collection of now 210 colors. The color shades have been displayed the same way for decades.
  • NCS - a logically arranged color system with 1950 colors that is based upon how people see colors.
  • Pantone - a color system with 1341 colors that is mainly used in the graphics and printing industry.
  • Sikkens - a color system with a total of 1624 color shades, especially pastel colors.
  • STO - a color system with 800 color shades. Predominantly for architects, planners and painters.
  • Adler – fashion or tradition - a color collection divided into 5 categories. Creative emotions, relaxed, romantic, natural and technical.

The second part of our business, the master carpentry, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011. This part of our business specializes in varnishing and various surface finishes of the highest degree. We are also able to produce glass surfaces of equally high quality. In order to maintain these highest of quality standards, we primarily use pure white glass because of its brilliance and color fidelity. You and your customers can benefit from our decades of experience when it comes to high-quality varnishing of furniture and other objects, including partial varnishing of objects and translucent varnishing.

Application and technique

Examples of application

  • Kitchen splashbacks
  • Shower walls
  • Decorative wall designs
  • Room dividers
  • Billboards
  • Furniture manufacture
  • Bath construction
  • Cover plates
  • Washbasins
  • Facade panels

Technical information and processing details

To ensure proper color rendering, it is recommended to use pure white glass. Color adjustments to existing glass or products (e.g. Lacobel) are not entirely possible, since the color values of the glass cannot be reproduced, and the final products have too large of batch fluctuations. Thus, color patterns do not provide a guarantee for a 100% color match, because glass and lacquers can never be identical. The varnishing is not opaque, which must be considered during installation.

Speciality varnishing (on request)

  • Translucent varnishing
  • Pearlescent varnishing
  • Metallic varnishing
  • IR varnishing
  • and many more


  • Full-surface varnishing
  • Partial varnishing
  • Multicolor varnishing
  • Letterings
  • Logos

Varnishing Glass

Varnishing Glass