Special Surfaces

Historical items brought back to life: Craclee and frost patterns are two designs for glass that are never to forget - timeless or historic ... or even modern?!


Craclee of ornament 523 (formerly on Desiree glass)

Following old handcraft tradition, the ornamental glass 523 (formerly ornamental glass Desiree was used) gets partially matted at the protrusions. The preparation for the sandblasting is done manually, and it is not feasible mechanically.

Frost patterns on clear or matte glass only on request

The production of frost-patterned glass is based on older craftsman techniques. The glass surface is treated with a special technique, resulting in an individual structure, which resembles a frost flower on a frozen glass panel. This technique is carried out by hand only, and the structure of the frost pattern cannot be influenced, so that every panel becomes unique.

Application and technique 

Examples of application

  • Door glass
  • Window glass
  • Sideboard glass
  • Decorative glass
  • Repairs

Special Surfaces

Special Surfaces