Processing of Border Patterns


For matte or clear patterns on translucent, matte or satin glass as well as on ornamental glass, or on other materials that are suitable for sandblasting.


Based on our extensive experience, we can place your corner patterns into the correct positions, depending on the size of the glass plate and the pattern. If you wish for a special positioning and/or size of the pattern, please attach the information to your order.

After a successful positioning, we send you a scale draft to be confirmed or corrected. Without a last confirmation from the customer the order cannot be completed!


Border patterns are calculated per piece or per running meter. For the pricing it is necessary to add the surface calculation (sandblasting included). Furthermore, corner and centerpiece patterns, letterings, logos, color designs and many more can be added.

Manufacturing based upon a broken item

Orders for products that use a broken item as a template may incur additional fees if any additional time and labor is needed for the manufacturing.

Different matte finishings are possible when doing reworks on etched or multi-level blasted glass, and slight differences can occur when reworks are done manually. This does not constitute grounds for a claim. 

Contract blasting

We do not provide a guarantee for objects taped by the customers themselves!

Processing of Border Patterns

Processing of Border Patterns