Letterings Application Notes

Font size

Nevertheless, some letterings might not be produced in the specified size, while other non-specified letterings may be – please do not hesitate to ask us.

Set text / draft

On request, we offer to set the whole text. Generally, the price is  included in the price for the letters. Additional costs arising from consulting or graphic design will be charged. We are happy to provide all sorts of services regarding graphics and layout.

Postscripts and manually written letterings

... are manufactured according to old tradition. Differences in details are possible.


All letterings can be executed in matte or clear design on the front as well as on the back side of the item. Almost all letterings can be engraved (depending on the material). With the possibility to refine your item with varnish, gold or silver coating! We offer gold coating in 3 different quality levels: gold leaf, bronze-gold, gold lacquer.

The font size scale

… corresponds to the cap height. The listed font size is a purely arithmetical size, which does not have to be identical with the largest vertical extension that is measurable. Thus, there is a range of various letter heights, for which you could use font size as the general term – we use the cap height when indicating the font size.

Cap height

The cap height is the height of a capital letter from the baseline to the top of uppercase letters in a font. In many cases it is not identical with the ascender height, because capital letters used to be a little bit smaller than lowercase letters that go above the cap height (especially concerning letterings with humanist typefaces like Garamond and Frutiger). Strictly speaking, the terms ascender and descender relate to those parts of lowercase letters that go above or below the x-height. (Source: Wikipedia)

Letterings Application Notes

Letterings Application Notes