Contract Blasting

Sandblasting different materials.

  • Glass

    Blasting glass: A unique method to provide the surface with a completely new finish.

  • Wood

    Blasting wood: Wood - a natural material, which can be seen and presented in different ways: used to create a rustic atmosphere or, what gets more and more common, utilized to match today's demands of modern wood surfaces and materials.

  • Stone

    Blasting stone: decorative and technical processing of stone surfaces

  • Ceramics

    Blasting ceramics: A burnt and glazed material - both classy and fragile, which becomes smooth when treated with a sandblast, its surface gets velvety.

  • Metal

    Blasting metal: The metal becomes clean, and gets a surface, roughness, silky luster, protection. 

  • Plastics

    Blasting plastics: Plastics ... effective, artistic, technical, hard, tough - simply diverse, like their treatment.

Contract Blasting

Contract Blasting